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Each and every business, big or small, has its own goals defined in an extensive business plan. Setting goals is important for business growth and development. It is obvious that each and every business wants to grow and get more revenue, but there are distinct ways of looking at growth itself.

Goals can go from “grow my business from 10 to 50 employees,” “go international with my business before 2025,” “Triplicate my revenues before 2024” or “Become a sustainable business.” All of those are general and broadly defined goals. You need systems and stepstones to ultimately reach them.

If you…

There is a lot of debate surrounding marketing funnels — from who owns it, be it marketing or sales, to whether or not it’s still relevant to today’s consumer buying process. A marketing funnel is a way of breaking down the customer journey all the way from the ‘‘awareness’’ stage to the ‘‘purchase’’ point.

A marketing funnel is a model which illustrates the path a prospect goes through from brand awareness to purchase decisions and the follow-up that comes after. …

Social media is a crucial element of any marketing strategy. You can use it to create organic content, but also to target your customers further through advertising. Facebook Ads offers a way for businesses to advertise on their platform. However, running a successful ad campaign with Facebook is not simple if you don’t have the marketing expertise needed to optimize your campaign effectively. This is why Nanos was created. In this article, we’ll show you why it is a great Facebook Ads alternative.

Even if you have experience with Facebook Advertising, you will be interested in Nanos unique technology. It…

You probably heard about Nanos from your friends or colleagues or Googled and found us when you were looking up information on how to increase revenues for your business.

So you just opened our website and are now reading our blog and watching videos about what we do. To save you time, here it is, very short — I’ll give you an example of what exactly it is that we do at Nanos:

You are an owner of a business, and you have a website, but not too many visitors go to your page. You’ve decided that you can…

Ad guidelines for Google, Facebook, and Instagram

What you can’t advertise with Nanos:

  • A YouTube link: If you plan to advertise a video as an ad itself — it can only be posted on Facebook or Instagram, but not on YouTube directly.
  • A personal Facebook profile: Additionally, a Facebook Business page can’t be advertised on the Google platform.
  • Websites that require a log-in to show its content
  • Websites with a malicious redirect
  • COVID-related topics: Those will probably be rejected.
  • Medical topics: You are required to be authorized to run those ads.
  • Political ads: You will need to provide special documentation to run those ads.
  • “Before and after”…

We at Nanos aim to automate the processes related to online marketing and build a technology that assists marketers or anybody with time on their hands and a budget efficient solution — to create, place, and optimize online advertisements.

Building the machine learning technology we created at Nanos would not have been easily possible in the past. And here’s the reason why:

Machine learning algorithms have always existed but were called differently before 2012, as mathematical and statistical models. …

Paid performance marketing is a true art, and one has to be experienced enough to make the right assumptions from the start. Usually, no one wants to spend too much money on experimenting, without an acceptable return on this investment in the end. If the first assumptions were wrong or keeping low-performance rates, a human marketer has to be able to optimize the ad at a very quick pace.

There are already many places where AI can be applied in online marketing, and specifically in the paid performance marketing (PPC) field. The life cycle of a paid ad, or the…

Creating an eBook, or any book for that matter, is a lot of work. From the writing and the tons of edits, to the effort you spend in research, it takes up a sizable portion of your time. When an author puts that much time and heart into a book, they want to see it become successful, and a great way to make that happen is with online advertising.

So how does an author create the most effective ad to get book sales or eBook downloads? …

The wedding planning industry can be one of the most cutthroat industries out there. Most couples take up to a year before they officially choose a venue or wedding planner. If you are in the business of wedding planning, how do you make sure your ads will convert to sales and attract new clients?

Visual Appeal

Visuals are of the utmost importance for a wedding business. Brides want their special day to feel and look like their version of a fairytale. Elegant pictures are key. If you do not have those, be sure to take some and always ensure they are high…

You’ve created your campaign, launched your ads, and are waiting for potential customers to visit your website. But your ads are not performing as you’ve hoped, and you are wondering what could be wrong. Where do you start? What should you do to improve your campaign results?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why your ad may not be performing as it should.

Website or Landing page

Your website or landing page is a crucial element to your ad campaign’s success and should always be correctly optimized. …


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